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sound effects

  1. ElDiosX

    Cries like anime 1-7 Gen 0.58.1

    ---------------------------------------------- @ElDiosX ---------------------------------------------- Copy the folder "Content" in the root folder of the game and agree to replace all files . This pack contains 7 generations (Nº 1-809 and all shapes). All rights © to...
  2. BellBlitzKing

    Pokemon SFX Pack: Gen 1 to Gen 7 - All Attack Sounds

    Pokemon SFX Pack featuring all attacks from Gen 1 to 7, GBC up to 3DS Download: https://bellblitzking.itch.io/pokemon-sound-collection/#download PK3D Resource: https://pokemon3d.net/forum/resources/170/ Listen to all sets Gen 1 to Gen 7 on YouTube: Full Playlist A nostalgia blast from every...
  3. BellBlitzKing

    Pokemon SFX Collection: Gen 1 to Gen 7 Attack Moves Pack 2.0

    Pokemon SFX Pack: Gen 1 to Gen 7 All Attack Moves! Get over 4500 SFX featuring attack moves from GB, GBA, NDS & 3DS games! Tagged with metadata, cleaned and edited, directly recorded to MP3/WAV. Download: Bellblitzking.itch.io/pokemon-sound-collection/#download Watch all on YouTube: YouTube...