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Terms and rules


General Disclaimer

The providers of this service ("we") are not responsible for the content of any messages posted. Messages posted express the views of their author only. You agree to not use this service to post any material which is defamatory, abusive, hateful, threatening, or otherwise violates any laws. We reserve the rights to remove or modify any messages posted for any reason. We are not liable for direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damages. We are not liable for events beyond our direct control.

General Rules

  • English Only:
    This is a english only forum and website. Pokemon 3D forums, news comments, and profile comments are restricted to English only. This is not to inconvenience our international players, but to ensure that the site remains safe and appropriate at all times.

  • No Spamming:
    Spamming is when you post simple one-liners or something of the sort that doesn't add any conversation to the forum or thread that you're participating in. Posting something like "ya", "TL;DR", "ok", or "lol" alone in a post is not considered spam. The biggest case of spamming is something like "ahsgdka" which is a random combination of letters, so please don't do that just to get a kick out of it, because there are dire consequences for doing so. Spamming is actually one of the easier rules to break, so please try to post with meaning and substance when you're participating in a thread.

  • No Double Posting:
    Double posting simply means posting twice in a row without someone replying to a thread in the mean time. An example of a double post is this thread, actually. Notice how there are two messages in a row, written by myself. Do not do this. I am only doing this for your convenience, and to separate important information. In the bottom middle of your post you will see an edit option. Click on that if you feel the need to add to or change anything in your post, and make the necessary changes/additions.

  • Stay On Topic:
    Each thread has it's own individual topic (with the exception of the Off-Topic forum), so you need to stick to it at all times. Some things can be grouped together in a single thread, but you shouldn't talk about something completely random. For example, say a thread's topic is about a game character, and you come in and post asking how much the game is. That is going off topic, which is bad. If you want to talk about something else, then make a new thread about it or find the correct thread in the Thread Index or in the forum.

  • No Duplicate Threads:
    There are two types of duplicate threads. The first is when you make a thread, but there is already one in existence on that specific topic. Be sure to look around the forum good for a thread on a certain topic, or use the Thread Index to help you find one. The second type of duplicate thread is when you copy a thread already made, word for word. That is also considered spamming, and there are consequences for it.

  • No Duplicate Accounts:
    Having multiple accounts is considered as spamming. And they can be used for poll, like boosting, creating fake threads and then talking to themselves to increase post count. Thay can also be used to get rid of bad reputation. All those is really pointless.

  • No Flaming:
    Flaming is when you yell, insult, or harass at someone or saying something to make them mad or hurt their feelings. Yelling can be considered typing in all caps, so please try not to do so. Cussing (cursing) at someone also falls under this category, so please try not to do so. If you are mad at someone or don't agree with something someone posted, then contact them via PM and work something maturely.

  • No Flooding:
    Flooding is when you post excessively all over the forum just to get your name to show up everywhere, to raise your post count, to be the top forum poster, etc. Usually when you flood, your messages are short and spammy. Spam is not allowed in the first place, so please try not to flood, because remember, there are other members of this forum, and they also deserve a chance to answer questions and post.

  • No Advertising:
    I'm pretty sure everyone knows what advertising is, but just in case, advertising is when you tell someone about something (in this case, another website) and try to get others to go there. This is not allowed, it is not allowed to advertise your website on your profile, signature or anywhere else. Advertising over PM is not allowed either, so don't try that either, because you may be reported to the staff. If you see someone advertising, then please report the message and take the message out of view. Links with ads (example adf.ly) is also advertising. A advertisement is a advertisement regardless of what you are advertising. This is a free game and we don't make money of this game except donations and ads on the website, so you should not take advantage of this.

  • No Memberating:
    Memberating is when you act like a moderator when you are not one. It doesn't matter if you were once a moderator or not, don't go throwing your weight around with no power to back yourself up. You can help someone by re-directing them, but no bossing around or threatening, etc. Also, do not request closure for a thread unless you started it.

  • No Adult Content:
    This game is rated E for everyone, meaning younger kids will come to this forum for advice, help, or just to participate. If you post any inappropriate or pornographic material you will be instantly banned. Younger kids should not have to worry about seeing things they shouldn't when they come here. It is also asked that you try not to cuss/swear when in the forum.

  • Do Not Bypass Your Ban(s)
    Bypassing a ban is when you are banned on one account, but make another so you can post again. You can be and will be caught, and your punishment will only result in a longer ban on any/all accounts. If you continue to do it, you will be reported to the administrators, which is not good no matter what way you look at it. Just live out your ban, and prevent any trouble that may arise.

  • Do Not Post Illegal Material:
    Posting any kind of illegal material is not allowed, simply because they really are illegal. No matter where you try to discuss it, in the forum or over PM, if you are caught, there are dire consequences. If you see anyone post this, then please report them and take their message out of view.

  • Do Not Put the Moderators On Your Ignore List:
    If for some reason the moderator of this forum needs to contact you for whatever reason, then you need to make sure they can. Usually it is something important, so it is asked you never add someone with moderation powers to your Ignore List unless they really are abusing PM. If that is the case, then report them to the administrator. Not following this rule will result in an instant ban.

  • Asking for Donations:
    Please do not make threads in this forum asking for donations. First of all, it's pathetic, and second, this game is free so you should not ask for donation. All threads that have someone asking or begging for donations will be closed ASAP.

  • No Begging:
    Please do not make threads, post or any other content on this website begging admins, mods, or any other members to do something for you. All threads, posts or any other content that have someone begging for something will be deleted ASAP and the user will be warned.

  • No Necro-posting:
    Do not post replies in very old (dead) threads which have not been locked. We only allow "necro" replies in VERY rare circumstances, all other cases will find your reply removed. If you feel strongly enough about posting a reply, please discuss with a Moderator/Global Moderator/Admin whether to start a new thread of discussion.

Website Terms

  • pokemon3d.net is a business, community & website. Visiting this website or being a member is a privilege, not a right.
  • pokemon3d.net has full liberty to choose its members. We reserve our rights to accept or reject any member sign-ups, remove or banish any member from the site, grant and revoke any privileges to members within the site without warning, prior notice, or providing any reason and in anytime we find appropriate.
  • pokemon3d.net can at anytime stop or suspend its services without prior notice, however we will make reasonable attempts to keep our members notified in advance of such matters.
  • All content sent to or posted on pokemon3d.net by its members and visitors can be rejected, deleted, modified, or edited by site administration.
  • All website visitors are obligated to obey Site & Forum Rules, site agreement(s), "sticky" threads, and respect site principals and goals.
  • You may not lie about your age at the forum. If you entered your age wrong contact the webmaster to fix it.

Limitation of Liability and Disclaimer

Site visitor agrees that the use of pokemon3d.net's services is entirely at visitor's own risk. pokemon3d.net's services are provided on an "as is" basis without warranties of any kind, either expressed or implied, constructive or statutory, including, without limitation, any implied warranties of merchantability, non-infringement or fitness for a particular purpose. Retarded Tech makes no guarantee of availability, continuity or quality of its service and reserves the right to change, withdraw, suspend, or discontinue any functionality or feature of pokemon3d.net's services. In no event will pokemon3d.net be liable for any damages, including, without limitation, direct, indirect, incidental, special, consequential, or punitive damages rising out of the user of or inability to use pokemon3d.net's services or any content thereon. This disclaimer applies, without limitation, to any damages or injury, whether for breach of contract, tort, or otherwise, caused by any failure of performance; error; omission; interruption; deletion; defect; delay in operation or transmission; computer virus; file corruption; communication-line failure; network or system outage; or theft, destruction, unauthorized access to, alteration of, or use of any record.

Indemnity and Legal Exemption

User agrees to indemnify and hold pokemon3d.net harmless from any loss, liability, claims, damages and expenses, including attorney fees, arising from or related to the content, use, or deletion of User's Files, messages or use of any other feature or service on pokemon3d.net

This expressly includes, but is not limited to:

  • User's responsibility for any and all liability arising from the violation or infringement of proprietary rights or copyrights.
  • Any defamatory or unlawful material contained within User's messages, private messages, emails, attachments, images, and files.
  • Communication with site administration.
  • Content submitted to the site by the user.
  • Other content within the site.
  • Legal Policy and Notice

pokemon3d.net's Terms of Service, site agreement, disclaimers, individual forum rules, site rules, indemnity clause, legal notice and copyright notice are subject to change at any time, without warning. Such changes are reflected in the relevant pages of the site upon alteration, and due when they are published on the site.

Account Upgrades

Moderator Prerequisites

  • You must be at least 14 years of age to gain moderator privileges on the website.
  • You must be fluent in the English language. We host English-speaking servers and our admins cannot have any language barriers.
There are no prerequisites for Donator/Contributor.

Server Downtime

pokemon3d.net's servers attempt to remain online 24/7 but if there is downtime for any reason your subscription service will not be extended.

Account Upgrades Modifications

pokemon3d.net reserves the rights to add, remove, or modify features and privileges associated with account upgrades at any time under any circumstance, in addition to the rights to modify, amend, or revoke your privileges dependent on your actions or inaction with said privileges.

Sharing Accounts

The sharing of any accounts associated with an moderator subscription is forbidden and will not be tolerated. If we, ("pokemon3d.net"), are aware of account sharing we will have to ensure only you, the owner of the account and purchaser of the admin service associated with it, are actively using said account. If you insist on sharing your account your admin services may be terminated. Note that all actions made under an account will be treated equally regardless of who was playing on it when rules were broken. Also note Donators are exempt from account sharing rules.

Moderator Conduct

All moderators must abide to all pokemon3d.net server rules. If you break these rules even once we hold the right to immediately revoke your moderator privileges without refund.

By becoming a moderator you agree to abide by the terms and rules on this page. Knowing this, your moderator powers may be removed for any valid reason as deemed appropriate by the pokemon3d.net staff. If your moderator powers is removed for abuse or rule breaking you do not have the right to a refund no matter the circumstances. In almost all circumstances you will receive multiple warnings from other moderators before an extreme measure such as moderator removal is taken.

If you had moderator status removed previously due to abuse or a TaR violation, you may not sign up for moderator again without explicit permission from the pokemon3d.net staff. If you were previously removed from the moderator team due to abuse or other and sign up again, under the same or a new email/IP, you are subject to removal without refund. Those who abuse their powers and get removed because of it are not eligible to become moderator again at pokemon3d.net's servers, unless direct permission is granted from the pokemon3d.net staff.


Please be mindful of all actions as payments are non-refundable however you reserve the right to cancel or halt your payments at any time aware that your privileges will cease to function upon subscription expiration.

Other Information

Modification of Terms and Rules

pokemon3d.net reserves the right to modify these terms at any time with or without prior notice.


The code for the game and the launcher is copyrighted to Kolben Games and the creators. You agree to NOT de-compile and/or modify the code. If you want to help contact us before de-compiling and/or modifying the code.

YouTube Video Policy:

You are allowed to make videos about Pokémon 3D, but you need to link back to this website in the description of your videos of Pokèmon 3D. You are NOT allowed to have any kind of ads in/on/beside the video. This is a free game and we don't make money of this game except donations and ads on the website, so you should not take advantage of this.

User Modifications


  • Allowed number of lines: 5
  • Allowed number of links: 3
  • Allowed number of images: 3
  • Max characters (Excluding BB Code): 250


  • Maximum file size: 1 MB


  • Don't over use them
  • Don't use them for no reason
  • Don't use them for "Did you like this thread?", "Is this game awesome?" or "Did you like my work?" type of threads
  • Use them when they are needed.

Videos and media:

  • There is a limit for 10 videos in one post
  • If you are posting more than 3 videos then use a spoiler to hide them

More information

If you do not agree with these terms, please do not register or use this Service. If you wish to close your account, please contact us.