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Texture Pack ♥Kira_Pro_Grafik_HD +BlueUI,SafariUI♥ 0.32.1 update 10/05/2013

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Dragon Tamer
So i was walking through and i found some stuff to critique
As i said above I really like this pack so this is to help it get better:
Image 1:
The block with the sign has the striped metal stuff on it
maybe if you could make it look like it was put on the glass?

Image 2&3:
0ne specific angle for the kid is too low down

Image 4:
I am not sure if i like the whole smooth texture for the walls thing
Maybe if it had some sort of pattern on it?

Image 5:
The side of the sign does not match the pokecenter/mart sign fronts i am thinking change the fronts to match the sides

Image 6:
the tops of the doors look weird in some places(like they don't match)
maybe make them all the same?

Image 7:
the rocks are very....round......unnaturally so....

Image 8: Swiching to a new color won't work because the bottoms use an older texture(cherrygrove?)

Image 9:
What you have made grass is usually just a path texture.

Image 10:
same as 8


Pokémon Ranger
I love it, but i don't like so much the textures for the houses, i think that simply don't match with the others (that are perfect)XD...
Can you rip sprites from the gba games for do the textures of the houses? :D... or is imposible? :confused:


Pokémon Ranger
Hey Kira do you think you can either do a Cloud from FF7, a Lightning from FF13, and or a Sora from Kingdom Hearts skin? I would love to have any one of those.

goth2191: One of the things I have been doing recently is mixing up texture skins/maps from various other texture packs if I don't like the way something looks.
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