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Pokemon Cardinal Species in Pokemon 3D?


So i heard about "Hoops and Hip hop" (A Pokemon you tuber. if you don't know who that is, I HIGHLY recommend you check him out!"
He is coming up with a story based project called "Pokemon: Cardinal"
It takes place in the Snowy, Northern Region of "Roma" ...And Pokemon have new Forms called "Tundra" Forms, Where they can change into an Ice type.
I realize that fakemon have Never been Added to Pokemon 3D..But The ones he has created are really good! Equaling Game Freak in the quality of the art and
Design..i would find it really cool, is that when Cardinal has been Released...Maybe some Pokemon from this Series can be added to Pokemon 3D

I would love to hear thoughts and opinions, Is this something that you would enjoy? \

Here's some links to give you an idea of what it's about ;)