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Texture Pack Shou's Sprite Workshop

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Uh can I get one made to look like a trainer I made in a different program to represent me and maybe the guy in my profile pic (I'll Include him as well just in case). Uhh dumb question but how do I change the skin in game?
Pokemon Trainer.png
Trainer 2.png

There they are uhh probably not the best design it was done on a trainer maker game so that is why it looks so bad (it would be worse if I drew it) I'll prefer the first one if two is asking too much.

Ps I tired to downsize the first one It didn't work


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So do I, I have a real version of it at home (where I am now) I always like to pretend my character likes to fiddle around so It always looks the same but has all the cool new info, pics and so on. I also wanted to add a pokegear but it wouldn't let me (he has to keep in touch with the other trainers and what not :) )


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thanks I look forward to seeing them (I still don't know how to change the sprites I hope at one point they make it a feature in the game). :)

Shou Liengod

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thanks I look forward to seeing them (I still don't know how to change the sprites I hope at one point they make it a feature in the game). :)
it involves XNB's + Folders and also including your Save Folder's player.dat
theres already a tutorial about it i believe.


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u dont need the XNB file anymore i just did it with the png u sent me :)
u still need to change the skin in ur player.dat though

Prince Vade

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This is somewhat of a sprite request.
I need the Pokeball Mewtwo used in the first movie made as an NPC texture.
Uploaded is an already made standard Pokeball texture with the grid i require.
Also, I need an itemsheet with the Black Apricorn replaced with this ball.
Please take your time and I appreciate your hard work and dedication.
Here is a seemingly fanmade sketch of said ball:

I would also appreciate the following balls made in the same format:



Pokémon Ranger
anyway you can set a skin so that you can select it in the intro of a new game?
I imagine if you can edit the files then yes. I haven't messed with any of the actual menus myself yet. I have only messed with locations, sprite replacements, and textures/music/pretty much everything else.
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