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Everyone is so well behaved but here are some things people shouldn't do:

Official Forums ToS/Rules for whole site: http://pokemon3d.net/forum/help/terms

No "not safe for work" images. NSFW images are images that have nudity or are really gross. just keep it clean :)

Threads should be about pokemon 3D, I will not be giving out any punishments for this, but I may move or archive threads that aren't meant to be here. Try and keep pokemon game chat to the 'pokemons' forum, there is no need to spread that out over 2 slow forums. This only applies to thread OPs, threads are free to go off topic. Completely off topic threads can go in off topic where you can talk about your lunch or whatever.

Don't leech, use imgur to mirror images before posting. This isn't something I'll be checking on much at all but if you're posting some huge png from a server that's obviously not yours or a hosting service like imgur i'm probably going to edit the img tags out of your post. This is more to not upset the owners of those servers than anything.


Yes, there is slenderman in the game, congratulations on opening the content folder! he is an easter egg in the lavender town map nilllzz made


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Pika hates making the rules (honestly, what's the point) but we gotta have them, and Pika has to lay them down for you guys. Please read through these rules so you know what you can and can't do.
1. No NSFW images or videos. Keep it clean, we are a forum where a whole range of age groups.
2. No swearing, even if it isn't directed at anyone, as stated in rule 1, a range of age groups.
3. No bulling or making other people angry, you WILL get a warning and even banned for repeat offences.
4. Keep the thread relating to the topic, don't go off topic, that is why we have the off topic thread.
5. NO FLY HAX!!!!!
If you can be a good little hooman or whatever you are, and follow these rules, you should be good to go. Now get out there and catch em all. (So corny)
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