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Crash [Indev 0.54.2] Crash on Startup

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What I expected to happen:
... The game would run.

What actually happened:
... The game immediately crashed with an error log.

Steps to reproduce:
1. ... Try to run the game.
2. ... Ever.

So I just downloaded the game from the gamejolt page as the launcher is apparently broken right now, and after running it, the main window pops up then after a few seconds, before drawing anything, it simply crashes with this message. I have re-installed the newest versions of Microsoft .net and OpenAL as of today about an hour ago, no dice.

Crashlog enclosed. Any ideas?

Kolben Games Crash Log V 2.4
Pokémon 3D has crashed!
// Minecraft crashed.


Game information:

Pokémon 3D Indev version: 0.54.2 (93)
Content Packs: {}
Active GameMode: Pokemon 3D
GameJolt Account: FALSE
Playing on Servers: FALSE
Game Environment: SplashScreen
Actionscript: No script running
File Validation: True
Sandboxmode: False


Screen state for the current screen (SplashScreen)

Screen state not implemented for screen class: SplashScreen


System specifications:

Operating system: Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate  [6.1.7601.65536]
Core architecture: 64 Bit
System time: 4/2/2018 7:00:11 PM
System language: English (United States)(ENU) / Loaded game language: en
Decimal separator: .
Available physical memory: 15.97 Gigabyte
Available logical processors: 4


.Net installation information:

v2.0.50727  2.0.50727.5420  SP2
v3.0  3.0.30729.5420  SP2
v3.5  3.5.30729.5420  SP1
  Client  4.7.02558
  Full  4.7.02558


Graphics Card information:

[CardName(s): "NVIDIA GeForce GT 730; PSPdisp Display Driver (Vista)"]
[CardRAM(s) : "2147483648; "]


Error information:

Message: Unable to find an entry point named 'SDL_GetGlobalMouseState' in DLL 'SDL2.dll'.
InnerException: NOTHING
BaseException: Unable to find an entry point named 'SDL_GetGlobalMouseState' in DLL 'SDL2.dll'.
HelpLink: No helplink available.
Data: Items: 0
Source: OpenTK
Win32 Errorcode: -1


Error solution:
(The provided solution might not work for your problem)

Error ID: -1
Error Type: NaN
Error Description: The error is undocumented in the error handling system.
Error Solution: NaN



   at OpenTK.Platform.SDL2.SDL.GetGlobalMouseState(Int32& hx, Int32& hy)
   at OpenTK.Platform.SDL2.Sdl2Mouse.GetCursorState()
   at OpenTK.Input.Mouse.GetCursorState()
   at Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Input.Mouse.GetState(GameWindow window)
   at ‎‌‪‭‎‭‌‬‮‏‫‭‪‫‎‪‍‎‌‌‎‮.‫‬‍‫‫‭‫‍‫‌‬‪‫‬‏‏‭‏‏‎‪‫‬‮()
   at ‮‬‮‮‌‪‎‌‌‎‌‬‏‮‭‫‭‎‌‏‮.‪‬‪‭‮‭‌‬‍‌‫‪‎‎‬‭‎‫‬‮‏‎‪‍‮(GameTime )
   at ‎‍‭‪‮‮‮‫‫‪‏‪‮‎‮‬‬‫‏‫‮.‪‬‪‭‮‭‌‬‍‌‫‪‎‎‬‭‎‫‬‮‏‎‪‍‮(GameTime )
   at Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Game.DoUpdate(GameTime gameTime)
   at Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Game.Tick()
   at Microsoft.Xna.Framework.OpenTKGamePlatform.RunLoop()
   at ‎‪‪‌‎‮‪‪‮‮‭‏‎‬‭‬‮‪‮.‫‬‬‏‬‭‭‌‬‬‏‫‪‍‌‮‏‫‬‍‍‪‎‬‎‏‫‬‫‫‍‍‮(String[] )


Enviornment dump: 

Generated Fields:

Private ‎‮‫‍‬‪‭‮‪‬‫‫‮‍‪‍‍‎‮‏‭‪‮‮‮‮ As Texture2D = {Name = GUI\Logos\MonoGame, Width = 256, Height = 256}
Private ‍‌‬‌‮‮‭‎‬‪‪‏‭‬‮‍‬‎‏‫‮‮ As SpriteFont = Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Graphics.SpriteFont
Private ‬‏‮‏‪‪‍‫‭‎‬‪‪‬‏‪‎‎‌‭‍‍‏‏‮‮ As Vector2 = {X:1097 Y:48}
Private ‬‍‪‬‎‏‎‬‎‫‎‍‏‫‫‏‭‍‪‍‫‍‭‏‌‪‪‮ As Single = 6.9
Private ‏‎‭‎‌‍‌‌‍‫‬‍‌‪‎‎‍‍‪‏‫‮ As Thread = System.Threading.Thread
Private ‫‎‫‌‭‬‮‮‭‏‏‫‬‪‭‭‪‭‬‎‍‭‭‎‫‪‍‮ As Boolean = True
Private ‭‪‎‍‍‪‌‬‭‪‬‭‭‍‍‍‏‮ As ‎‍‭‪‮‮‮‫‫‪‏‪‮‎‮‬‬‫‏‫‮ = ‎‍‭‪‮‮‮‫‫‪‏‪‮‎‮‬‬‫‏‫‮
Private Shared ‌‍‎‮‫‏‏‍‌‭‪‮‭‎‏‎‮‫‍‫‎‌‏‏‪‪‮ As String = "MonoGame", the MonoGame Logo and source code are copyrights of MonoGame Team (monogame.net).
Pokémon 3D is not affiliated with Nintendo, Creatures Inc. or GAME FREAK Inc.
Public ‎‪‎‎‎‌‌‬‬‎‮‪‮‏‍‬‎‮‮ As Boolean = False
Public ‪‌‬‪‎‌‮‫‏‍‪‮‭‬‪‫‍‏‮‮ As Boolean = False

Generated Property:

Property ‭‮‪‏‌‬‎‬‍‎‌‫‮‮‍‌‬‫‪‪‭‌‭‍‮‮ As ‎‎‎‏‌‌‌‮‍‎‏‫‬‭‌‎‫‏‍‬‮‌‎‎‮‮ = Nothing
Property ‫‭‮‬‎‍‪‪‫‬‌‭‮‏‍‏‌‮‪‪‌‌‬‮ As ‎‏‬‫‌‌‍‭‍‮‎‎‏‌‌‮‏‭‬‫‮‬‫‏‮‮ = SplashScreen
Property ‍‏‫‏‎‏‮‫‍‮‬‫‮‍‍‏‎‏‭‭‪‫‎‮‌‮ As Boolean = True
Property ‭‫‏‎‫‪‮‌‪‮‎‫‏‮‭‍‭‪‮‮‍‬‮‎‪‭‮ As Boolean = False
Property ‌‫‮‎‬‍‍‪‎‎‮‎‪‬‫‏‏‮‮ As Boolean = False
Property ‭‪‍‬‍‎‎‬‎‮‪‍‍‎‌‫‍‮ As Boolean = False
Property ‍‏‫‏‍‫‎‪‫‎‏‏‪‮‎‎‎‪‭‌‬‫‮ As Boolean = False
Property ‌‪‍‬‬‪‫‮‬‭‫‮‪‫‭‌‬‬‬‍‏‭‏‮ As Boolean = False
Property ‍‬‫‭‬‭‌‫‬‍‭‪‭‍‫‏‎‮ As Boolean = False


You should report this error.

Go to "http://pokemon3d.net/forum/forums/6/create-thread" to report this crash there.
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