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So... Ummm...


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(Late Edit: Scroll to Post #4 for why username has changed.)

Hey... It's been a while guys...

(For any that do not know who I am, or was, in this community, long story short, I was the resident shitposter.)

I don't know how long it's been, but it's great to see this game still being worked on, after so many years. I do know what has happened as of recent (or maybe not so recent, either way, rip nilz).

So, why you may ask, have I come back? Good question. To that, I ask; How long is a piece of string? (I don't know is the answer, if anyone didn't know the joke). In all seriousness, I'm back out of curiosity and nostalgia.

Too all that still moderate, I am both glad to hear that this game is still going, and I apologize for not notifying anyone of my departure.

Now, onto the present, and the future. Will I make a return? Yes, I will (ohno), but only to the forums. I have no means of helping with development of the game.

How often will I be active? Depends on many factors. I do not have a constant source of internet, so some days I may not be online. I also have life commitments, and they will always come before anything I do online.

I guess I have nothing more to add to this post in general. You guys are free to strike up a conversation about "Pika's return" (bet you fuckers never thought you'd here that name again, huh?) and I'll get to them when I can.

(P.S. I have changed significantly since joining the forum aeons ago, so I may not recall everything that happened/I did back then).
Edit: P.P.S. I do have a discord, so if anyone wishes to add me, I will eventually show up in the server, so feel free to add me or whatever).

-Pika (Lilligant)
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Welcome home, mate, it's been a dead waste land since you left.


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I'm glad I'm back to revive (not really) this place. I will be active on the discord as often as I can, so look out for me (Lil) there.


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So... you may be looking at this and realise that my profile has changed names. Don't worry, same account, different name.

So, why the change? Well, long story short (this is genuinely difficult to say); I am undergoing HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy), I am MtF transgender.

Now for the long story (oh boy).

Since high school, I felt like I was born in the wrong body. I struggled so much with it because I had nobody I felt I could talk to about these feelings. (Family reason I will not go into.)

After I had left school, I started seeking counseling to see what my options were. I came to the solid conclusion that I felt that I was transgender.

After almost 2 years of counseling, I finally started my journey to becoming the real me. I am currently 9 months on hormone blockers, and about 7 months on estrogen.

I just wanted to post this update to let you wonderful people know what has been happening, and one of the main reasons why I left.

As stated above, I plan to be more active on the forum, and on discord, so look out for me there.

Other than that... I have nothing more to say about my recent history. Peace.