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Spring Pokémon3D Tournament


Spring Pokémon3D Tournament

29th-30th April of 2017 next small competition shall take place. All players are welcome, all of you shan't battle together as it would be slightly unfair for new players to battle with really experienced ones. Players shall be placed in groups based on their player account ranks:

Group A - 1-10
Group B - 11-25
Group C - 26 - 40
Group D - 41-100

Here are also few rules everybody ought to obey:
-Up to two legendary pokemon per team
-No 1-hit-KO moves
-No direct accuracy lowering/evasion rising moves. This means moves like Night Daze are allowed
-Up to two pokemon per team can be put to sleep by opponent. Player can put his own pokemon to sleep unlimited number of times
-No monotype teams

Players are free to change teams between battles. Every battle requires 2 wins to choose a winner. Winner of his battle will battle other winners of his group, simply, ladder system. Also all battles are supposed to happen on AGN server.
To sign in please comment under this post with "Count me in" message as well as your rank.
*note, please confirm your ingame level rank with our staff few days before tournament

We encourage you to take a part in this tournament, unique prizes are awaiting for you all, not only winners. You can expect various rare or unobtainable pokemon with good stats holding interesting items. See you on tournament :p

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Congratulations to Musano & MeGaKhan on their succes in tournament!

~Hosted by A9_R & biggda76
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