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Basic Useful Information



Basic useful information

1. Playing online
1.1 Information about online
1.2 Tutorial how to go online
2. Pokegear - battles etc
3. Skins and sprites
3.1 Offline
3.2 Online
4. Mystery events
5. Hidden Grotto and rare Pokemon
6. Cerulean Cave & Mewtwo
7. Others
8. Links
9. Conclusion

Before downloading the game, please ensure that you have the following requirement:

Software / Hardware requirements (MonoGame)
1. OpenAL
2. .Net framework 4.5
3. Graphic card supporting OpenGL 3.0 (Intel hardly support this.)
4. Windows 7 and above
5. At least 550 MB of RAM

Software / Hardware requirements (XNA)
1. XNA framework 4.0
2. .Net framework 4.5
3. Graphic card supporting Shader Model 1.1 and DirectX 9.0c.
4. Windows 7 and above
5. At least 550 MB of RAM

The launcher only download Monogame version. If you do not have the minimum requirements for that, please download XNA version from https://github.com/P3D-Legacy/P3D-Legacy/releases/download/0.54.1/XNAPokemon.zip

To play the game, simply run Pokemon.exe after you have extract the folder. (Make sure you have permission to write the folder)

1.1 Playing online. What is difference between being offline save and online save? Playing online gives you larger borders of playing game. You can enjoy community easily. When you are playing online you can trade with other players, your save is connected to your gamejolt account so you can use it on your PC and on your laptop if you are not in house, also if you need any help or advice our community support other players so just ask them. There is one more difference between online and offline - appearance, but I'm going to cover this in other section. How to recognize if you are playing online or offline? It's simple, after joining server you will see message: "Username (1234567) join the game!" - That is version for online save (number in bracket is your gamejolt ID, every players are different). If you are playing offline you will see exactly same message but without numbers, so it will look this way: "Username join the game!"

1.2 How to go online. Here is detailed tutorial:
-Open Pokemon3D
-Press F11 to go fullscreen
-You can see now small lightning bolt at the right down corner of your screen, thats right, you have to press it.

-Now you can see a rectangle. You login there by typing in your username and your token. This is how should it look.

-After you succesfully logged in to your account press on play online

-After you click this, create/choose your character and join a server (right now the best one to go with is the AGN server, which can be found at this IP: p3d.aggressivegaming.org:15124.

2. Pokégear. This is a small window opened by pressing "Q" when you are in game.

-PSS - this is function that allows you to see ranking of players with highest rank, also your GameJolt friends and players that are on the server now. After entering PSS you can switch from Ranklist to Friendlist and Passerby by pressing "A" or "D" buttons. Easiest way to BATTLE or TRADE your friends is to enter passerby. Then you choose with which player you want to interact and then you choose battle or trade interaction depending on what do you want to do. Other player will receive request that will look in this way.

-BattleSpot - function that allows you to battle RANDOM players.

If you click on "Team Management" you can register your current team and it will be visible to other players, even if you change your current pokemon after registration. I think "Start Battle" and "Quit" are things that doesn't need explanation :p

-GTS. Now this is a thing that might require real explanation. Inbox is a place where you will receive pokemon that someone will send you. Now "search". You ALWAYS want to set global, it will just let you to trade with all players. If you are looking for specific pokemon (let's say you are looking for squirtle) you press on Pokemon button under word "Offer". All players that offer you a squirtle will appear. After you choose player that you want to trade with you may want to check summary of his pokemon. To do this click on player's name, later on "trade" button and then press summary.

Here we can see player that offers us Squirtle in exchange for Kabuto. Stars shows us rarity of particular pokemon, but you don't have to care about it. If you want to see what people want to offer you for your pokemon (let's take charmander this time), choose charmander in Pokemon window under "Request". Rest is exactly the same like it was in offer type.

When you are setting up trade choose pokemon from your party - this is pokemon you want to trade (I picked Talonflame as example) and to get your dream pokemon you can use as many filters as there are available. This is example of setting up trade.

After you press setup your pokemon will disappear from your party. It will be in GTS and you always can remove it, unless it was trade of course.

-Wondertrade - You trade with random player, you don't know what you can get but if you accidently trade something you care about, you might be able to get it back. Your pokemon goes to database where it is held till another person will wondertrade. You can't get it back alone, but you can ask other players to help you get it back. Most of community knows how.

-Phone - NPC phone numbers that has your number. I don't recommend giving your number to them because they will torture you with their phone calls and there is no way to delete them :p

-Radio - There is nothing worth a while so I won't describe it much. Most important thing is that you can wake snorlax with it by using pokeflute that is in radio.

-Worldmap - You can see where are you know and map of current region.

-Statistics - Well, what can I say... There are your all statistics like how many eggs you hatched or how many pvp battles you had.

-Frontier - There are your Frontier Emblems if you get any from battle frontier.

Don't worry if you don't have some of those options in early game. They will appear when you will play the game!

3.1 Skins. As I mentioned earlier, offline saves and online have diffrent possibilities. Here we go with offline:
as offline save you can have only six skins. You choose one of them when you create character. Those skins are: Ethan, Lyra, Nate, Rosa, Hilbert and Hilda.

3.2 Now while offline skin system is easy to remember online is a bit complicated but much better (still easy to understand!). As online your skin will change each 5 character levls. Starting from preschooler (levels 1-5) finishing with veteran (95-100). Except that players can customize their skins, create new and upload them to their account by using following website http://pokemon3d.net/skin/login . For making your own sprite I recommend downloading template and work on it in gimp. At the end of this section I give you link to see skins you'll have if you won't make your own skin http://pokemon3d.net/wiki/index.php?title=Player

4. Mystery Events
Currently not active.

5. Hidden Grotto and rare Pokemon
Hidden Grotto is place where you can find rare pokemon or item. Item can be visible or invisible. Grotto reset in time of 24-72 hours. If you are looking exactly for something else you can do grotto farming. How to do it? Save before entering the grotto and enter it, if your pokemon haven't appeard, leave game, join to your local server and try again, this can be pain but if you want something badly it is worth it. Also, I said join local server, why? Because it is a little annyoing when we see someone leaving and joing whole the time, it just makes server chat full of reloging of someone xD
This is how hidden grotto look:

How to get other rare pokemon? By using headbutt on small trees, there are ares where you can obtain riolu or larvesta for example, by using headbutt. Other place where rare pokemon live is Safari Zone. In Link part of guide you can find information where are grottos, what is in which and same thing with safari.

6. Cerulean Cave & Mewtwo

So I got few asked few times how to past cerulean cave and how to get to Mewtwo. First thing you want to know is that you can catch it only when you complete story in this cave. When you do it, just leave cave and try to walk through it again. Now here is map how to get to him:

Sorry that maps isn't beautiful but I'm not paint-master xD. Also how to get mew in steps:
-Catch Mewtwo;
-Take Mewtwo as leader of your party;
-Go to Vermillion truck and talk to sailor nearest to it, you will see Mew flying and sailor will give you map;
-Go to second sailor that is standing next to ferry, he will take you to island where Mew is, if you get there search for it on island. He will be visible.

7. Others
I've met with those questions about buttons so I want to answer them here too, so let's go:
-How does TAB button work? - shows current player list and what they are doing, pokeball - battling, three dots - typing, afk - well, they are afk, nothing - probably walking
-Whad does F11 do? - makes your game go fullscreen
-What does F1 do? - make chat visible/invisible (depends on it if it's currently in/visible)
-How does Alt+F4 work? - automaticly closes your game, don't get pranked!
-How to send private message? - just put in chat this: /pm username
username is place where you put name of player you want to sent private message of course.
Also, if you are having problems with saving you can get pokemon you don't want and wondertrade it, or trade and trade back with player that is online. Game autosaves after trade.
-COPYING INGAME MESSAGES - To choose which message you want to copy press arrow up button, as many times as it's neccesary. If you chose your message, press enter and now you can do it like always, so ctrl+a and ctrl+c.
-How can I breed pokemon? - put ditto and pokemon you want to breed in daycare, then walk till Daycare will call you.
-What are obtainable legendary pokemon? - Entei, Raikou, Suicune, Ho-Oh, Lugia, Mew, Mewtwo, Zapdos, Articuno, Volcanion, Jirachi, Manaphy, Phione.
-How to move Darkfire to walk into Mt. Silver? - You cannot make Darkfire move, it's not implemented yet.
-How to save when gamejolt server is down? - You will need to install Indev 0.54.1. Indev 0.54.1 allows you to save locally until the server went up and uploads to the server. If you abuse the backup save feature, it may lead to catastrophic results such as rollback and lost of save. Please DO NOT tweak the backup save inside the encrypted folder. The game have been updated with newer backup save API hence none of the older backup save from Indev 0.53.3 Patch 6/7 works. Please make a save backup (Store the folder elsewhere) before transferring them over to prevent rollback if you are affected by the save bug in Indev 0.53.3
-How to be a mod on the AGN server? - It is up to server staff discretion. jianmingyong might be friendly but he is unable to grant any without the democratic votes from everyone.

8. Links
Pokemon 3D skin change - http://pokemon3d.net/skin/login
Player ingame skins - http://pokemon3d.net/wiki/index.php?title=Player
Hidden Grotto's list - http://pokemon3d.net/wiki/index.php?title=Hidden_Grotto
Safari Zone - http://pokemon3d.net/wiki/index.php?title=Johto_Safari_Zone
Item's list - http://pokemon3d.net/wiki/index.php?title=Items
Implemented pokemon list -http://pokemon3d.net/wiki/index.php?title=List_of_Pokémon

9. Conclusion
I tried to answer all questions I ever got, I hope I made everything clear to you and answered all your questions. Special thanks to -N- for explaining wondertrade mechanics and helping with spirtes, PersuerNL for explaining breeding and just for being helpful, jianmingyong for running this server, helping community and developing game :p
If you have any questions, go on.

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Hello! I read your guide and it turned out to be incredibly informative, but I had a problem with capturing Mewtwo. I went through a quest in Cerulean cave returned to the place where Mewtwo was and did not find him there. Can you tell me what to do, please?