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[Obsolete] Super-Hard Difficulty Mode Series Sprite Pack

[Obsolete] Super-Hard Difficulty Mode Series Sprite Pack 1.02 [Indev 0.42]

No permission to download
This pack is no longer supported! Please see the new pack here: http://pokemon3d.net/forum/resources/67/

I have decided to share the Content Pack that we, the Super-Hard Difficulty Mode series members, use to distinguish ourselves during play, and not look like a bunch of random NPCs. This pack transforms us into things that more closely resemble our forum avatars.

What does this Content Pack do when active?
  1. Adds Tornado9797.png into the game (a Victini). I use this skin in my Offline saves, ever run into me on one of them, I'd like you to see me wearing this skin. I made it a png file so that it's easily viewable.
  2. Adds mrhippocrit.png into the game (a Hippo). In case you ever run into @MrHippocrit using an Offline save, he may want to be seen like this.
  3. Adds Sephiroth.png into the game (self-explanatory). In case you ever run into @Enethil using an Offline save, he may want to be seen like this.
  4. Replaces the 59.png (Male Pokémon Ranger) with the contents of Tornado9797.png. This will make me appear as a Victini in Online mode (and other players who share similar ranks with me, this will usually only apply to @slavi (sorry)).
That's about it. A little pack that I use all the time so that I look like what I really am for Online and Offline sessions (other Super-Hard Difficulty Mode members have their skins hardcoded into the game, therefore eliminating any need to add their skins to this pack).




v1.02 [Indev 0.42]:
- Developed for Indev 0.42.
- Removed the malc.png and princevade.png files from the pack.
- Updated info.dat.

v1.01 [Indev 0.41.1] (Unreleased):
- Developed for Indev 0.41.1.
- Removed the 57.png file from the pack.
- Added the 59.png file to the pack. (I ranked up on GameJolt, so my Online skin changed).
- Updated info.dat.

v1.0 [Indev 0.41] (Unreleased):
- Initial release.

If you have any questions regarding the Content Pack, please feel free to tell me under the Discussion thread.
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This is just amazing, thanks :D