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XNB Exporter 2013-12-29

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XNBExport exports files from the .xnb file format into a useable .png format.
This only works for image files. If you want to replace music files, replace the .wma file!
In order to use this application, you download the .zip file, extract it and run the .exe file.
When it's the first time using the application, it will open and close when you start it. It does this to create two folders in the same place you executed the file in: "Input" and "Output".

If you want to export .xnb files to .png files now, place all your .xnb files in the "Input" folder and run the application again.
It will ask you to continue the process and count the files that can be converted.
If you click Yes, it starts the conversion. Once it's done, it tells you if it has been able to convert all files or if there were any errors.
You can find all exported files in the "Output" folder.

Tip: You can also have folders with .xnb files inside the "Input" folder, the program will export the .png files to the same directory in the "Output" folder.
Example: You have a file at \Input\Folder1\Folder2\myfile.xnb
This file gets exportet to \Output\Folder1\Folder2\myfile.png
The program automatically creates the folder necessary to store the output file.
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