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Silver's Soul

Silver's Soul 0.70

No permission to download
Hey an actual content Update!!!
Major story changes ahead!
Team Rocket Invades the Radio Tower and causes problems.
You defeat them and they disband only for it to be immediately revived by *Major Spoiler*!!!!
Silver is humanized even more too.
Content goes all the way up through Tohjo Falls.
I added my "Soon...." character at the end of the new content to make sure you know where stuff ends ;)

As usual lots of changes to the trainers and wild Pokemon in the new places so have fun with that.
I did NOT add the new Sidestory Events after Malc lost in a Maze so dont go looking for Person 4......(talking to him will cause a crash!)

The next story update will have the Elite Four available(which WONT be the end of the story) with lots of changes to Route 26 and Victory Road(and adding some other places too) due to the Eruption of Cinnabar Island.
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So yeah I typo'd the npc removal lines in jasmine's script
You can fix them yourself or just get 0.66
Steps for self fix:
1) find the folder for the GameMode files(named Silver's Soul)
2) goto the olivine gym trainer folder(scripts/trainer/olivine_gym)
3) open jasmine.dat(not .trainer) in notepad or equivelent)
4) in lines 4 and 5 the file path should be "routes\route42.dat" instead of "route\route42.dat"
5) save and close and enjoy :)
talking to Jasmine removes the NPCs on R42
Route 48 Battle map fixed
Tons of bugs with the side story that needed fixing....
This update fixes minor problems on Route 39(namely all of the Miltank having Gligar sprites) and major crashes with all sidestory battles connecting to the wrong files.

To get the Route 39 fixes please delete the Silver's Soul files you have in /Pokemon/GameModes/ before extracting the new version there (dont delete your save that is fine ;))
Morty had an Onix instead of a Gengar....HAD ;)
Fixed the Goldenrod rival crash
I think I have found all of the bugs but let me know if you see anything.
All wild Pokemon have been updated and a few trainers got new pokemon
some minor story changes were made including to the side story but full story updates will start in the next version
Sorry people I linked to one of the really old versions before
if you downloaded it by clicking the big green button you will need to download it again
So yeah it has been a long time since I even worked on this but someone decided to go and do a Lets Play of it and if I had left it in its incomplete version I would have been ashamed to continue watching so here I am reviving this.....

This is an upgrade of the last version and contains little to no new content.
There were MANY behind the scenes changes and minor tweeks.
This version is kinda hastily done and only really fixes stuff up through violet city
I added a few more pokemon in making the total 390 now
I also have removed the old way of doing the "limited dex" that I had before and am now mostly using the main game's files(which saves me ALOT of maintenance time)
This means you will NEED to RESTART any saves made on a previous version of this Game Mode!!
I expect there are alot of bugs so let me know about anything you see thats missing but dont be surprised if I tell you it wont be fixed soon since somethings are higher priority than others
The wild and trainer pokemon have not been modified to include the new Pokemon so that will need to happen at some point to.

I marked this as 0.50 as I expect to treat this as a "halfway" complete version
I hope to have a complete playable game mode ready to drop at about the same time the next P3D update drops but I will update this in bits going forward until everything up through the radio tower event atleast is updated and working properly

Good luck to anyone playing this and advance apologies for any bugs :D

For updates about this project and the main game follow my twitter: https://twitter.com/DarkFire006