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How to: Make an over-world custom skin

I'm sure you have been wondering how to make your own custom skin(s) for Pokemon 3D and you don't know how. Well I'm here to teach what is needed to know in order to make your own custom skin(s) for your trainer.
Trainer Overworld Skin
Step 1: Make a Gamejolt account.
You need to first have a gamejolt account before you get started on making yourself an over-world skin. Go to (http://gamejolt.com/auth/sign_up/). After you finished making an account you need to find the token in order to sign in to Pokemon 3D account.​
Step 2: Making the skin(If you already have the skin skip to step 3)
In order to make your skin need to make every portion size can be up to 32x32 max (the full sheet must be 96x128) with the background being transparent. You can use Photoshop or any of the software I've listed below which are free to download.​
I've made a template you can use in order you make your own skins.

If you want some examples go here (http://anvil555.deviantart.com/gallery/47334241/Trainer-Pixel-Art). I've made a lot of skins that you can use.​
Step 3: Connect your skin to your Gamejolt account
Once you have made your account you get sign into (http://pokemon3d.net/skin/login) with your token and upload your skin.
If you have any question feel free to comment down below.
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it dosent work i cant get the custom player skin to work in the game plz help