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pokemon youtube creator revamp 1.0 2015-05-04

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this is my personal music pack i created from taking fan made pokemon music from youtubers and putting it into a pack. all the music made by these people is their work and if you like it, look them up on youtube and subscribe. iot could help them out a lot. all work is theirs of course or someone elses. this is only a pack to beef up your game experience. i recommend. a texture pack like kira,virus, ect. have the model packs, and have anime cries to experience it in full effect. also facing lugia has a one time E P I C battle music that can only be heard when you face him. belive me you will want this music to face him. you will be like oh heck to the no. he went there. oh yeah this is a work of art. JKJK but either way. i would recommend it if you havnt got him yet. good luck and hope you enjoy. all you need to do to set up, is download it, put it in the content packs folder, and launch the game menu, click the pokeball in the far top right corner, and enable the pack. then you go into the game and enjoy. (menu doesnt have any music so dont worry about it till your in game)
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